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Savings Account Interest Rates Today: Century Credit Union at 5.09% APY

century credit union

Century Credit Union is a financial provider that understands the importance of kids saving money early and building a healthy foundation for personal finance into adulthood — so much so, it’s developed not one or two, but three different deposit accounts for different stages of a young person’s financial growth.

One of those accounts, the Next Century Kids’ Club, is the perfect savings vehicle for younger members. With deposits up to $1,000, account holders can obtain an extremely high 5.09% APY, making it the perfect starting point to teach good money habits.

Savings Interest Rates: Terms and Conditions

This high-interest savings account allows young members to learn financial responsibility, as well as earn extremely competitive dividends. At a 5.09% APY, this account’s interest rate is more than five times the amount of most other deposit accounts, and is also federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA.

About Century Credit Union

Century Credit Union has faithfully served its members for more than 50 years, with more than 7,500 members from 80 select employee groups in several states. In Missouri, Century Credit Union accepts new members who reside in St. Louis, Jefferson County and Franklin County.

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