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Certificate of Deposit Rates Deal of the Day: Laclede Family Savings Credit Union at 0.75% APY

Laclede Family Savings Credit UnionCertificate of deposit rates have dropped considerably in recent years. At one point, it was easy for depositors to earn high interest on their funds, but now it’s tougher to find rates that will earn impressive dividends.

The good news is members of Laclede Family Savings Credit Union are given access to better-than-average rates. Individuals who open a 24-month account today can enjoy an amazing 0.75% APY.

Certificate of Deposit Rates: Terms and Conditions

Members of Laclede Family Savings Credit Union can benefit from the competitive rate by depositing a minimum of $10,000 into the CD account. A $1,000 minimum balance will give a slightly lower yield of 0.70% APY. Once funds are deposited, certificate of deposit rates are locked in.

About Laclede Family Savings Credit Union

Laclede Family Savings Credit Union opened its doors in 1935 with the primary objective of improving its members’ lives financially by offering low loan rates, free convenient services and fewer fees. The establishment serves individuals living in 63101, 63102, 63103 and 63104, as well as employees and retirees of Laclede Gas Company and other partner companies.

Laclede Family Savings Credit Union members know their funds are safe thanks to federal insurance of up to $250,000 from the NCUA. The credit union’s location is found in St. Louis, Missouri.

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