Saint Louis Banking Rates

CD Rates When Other Rates are Falling

When you rebalance your financial portfolio over the last few years, you may notice that your Saint Louis CD accounts consistently provide you with a great interest rate of return despite a decline in other investments. That’s because CDs are truly a one of a kind investment tool – there is no risk, and great rewards to be had. Can you name an investment that can offer that type of guarantee?

Even high yield savings and checking accounts cannot provide the returns that you can realize with a CD. The only difference is that you will not have access to your money, but you should already have a dedicated emergency fund and sizeable savings before you ever start investing. CDs are a great way to balance out your investments, and they can help hedge the risks you’re taking with more aggressive investment types.

Open a CD account today and you’ll be celebrating how much interest you’ve been missing out on in the past.